Names : Kim and Kari (Twin Wranglers)

Location : Montana

Ridin’ for the RF brand

Reckon we might as well ride into the corral and toss out our loops to relate how and when we started ridin’ for the RF brand. In 1954 we were cut from the same piece of leather...yep we’re identical twins, and we made our entrance into this grand world in August during the Chinese year of the horse.  

As we back track memory’s trail, we come to find that we started watchin’ tv westerns just after we were out of three cornered pants.  To be honest, we have to admit that even though we grew to be a couple of Robert Fuller’s number one fans, we actually owe the beginning of it all to the horses that galloped across the screen.  Eventually we took a tumble from those horses, fallin’ mighty hard for one particular cowboy.  There have been many things throughout our lives that managed to catch our eyes, but only a few that could catch our hearts.  Robert Fuller must be pretty handy with a rope cause he certainly laid a snug loop over us.

            As to bein’ his number one fans, we don’t pretend to be the only ones straddlin’ this spot.  We’ve talked to and bumped into way to many others that have also put a claim on this choice piece of select ground to believe that there is even enough room for us to turn around here - but we’ve been ridin’ and fightin’ alongside Jess Harper and Cooper Smith since way back when, and figured we had the right to elbow in amongst the rest of those that thought they was a holdin’ that there title.

            This last spring we managed to saddle our longtime dream of meetin’ Robert in person when we broke free of the ranch to attend the Festival of the West in Arizona.  On finally meetin’ Bob, our hearts broke out of a trot an’ went into a fast gallop.  As hard as we tried we couldn’t rein ‘em in until we were back at our ranch in Montana.

            Most of the time the choices we make don’t seem to change things much, but there are times when a trail forks and a decision is made, and then lives are changed forever.  We’re glad that Robert Fuller chose to ride the trails that he did for unquestionably; he has changed for the good, the lives of many fans far and wide.



 Twin Wranglers - Kim and Kari

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